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New Services & Giveaways!

As the Largest Day Spa in Southern Colorado, we strive to make everyone's experience with us great! With that being said we always love to add new options to our list of services as we continue to expand. As of 2022, we have added two exciting new services!


Body Wraps

Body Wraps are now available to schedule! We have three options to choose from to help meet different goals our clients may be trying to achieve.

  1. Hydrating Wrap

  2. Pain Relief Wrap

  3. Detox Wrap

So many benefits can stem from receiving a body wrap such as detoxification, boosting of the lymphatic system and metabolism, body contouring, temporary inch-loss, skin tightening, and skin softening. Our Pain Relief wrap is used with special oil to help treat and reduce muscle aches and pain within the body leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed.


Bio- Scanning

Not many people are familiar with the newest service bio-scanning. BioScan can benefit every client whether it is used to address current issues or used as a proactive measure to maintain optimal efficiency and balance because stress affects everyone.

How does it work? The Bioscan system can be used to scan thousands of stressors within the body in just a few minutes. Potential stressors can become problematic, and this helps alter the normal function and energy flow within the system giving a balance to the body.

Using this data gathered after a Bioscan session, it can easily create a personalized plan to help balance the body. The Bioscan does not diagnose, treat or cure diseases.

Give us a call to get your consultation scheduled today!



We will be doing TWO giveaways the rest of the month of June, we will also be having special offers as our team is continuing to grow. Make sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram to stay up to date on all of our specials.

Image Products Giveaway!

Enter and locate this Giveaway on our Instagram or Facebook Page @Purespaco.

Spring Special

  1. Schedule any massage or facial for the month of June.

  2. At the time of check out you will be entered into a drawing to WIN a FREE Summer Special Package.

  • Must mention offer to our front desk at the time of check out to be entered!

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