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All Services and Packages are Non-Refundable 


Laser Treatments

Laser Hair Removal
Eliminates the need to shave, tweeze or wax with pain-free laser hair removal for all skin types. Moveo HR makes it possible for all to benefit comfortably and safely. 

Pigmented Lesion Reduction
Comfortably reduce large areas of pigmented lesions on your face, hands, arms, legs, chest, and even back. Moveo PL treats dark spots, sun damage and other benign pigmented lesions with efficacious Alexandrite Laser.

Skin Revitalization
Restore that youthful glow and minimize pore size with collagen skin revitalization that targets damaged and aging skin. Moveo SR is a quick, pain-free, no downtime treatment using Nd:YAG (1064nm) laser.

Vascular Lesion Reduction
Diminish facial redness, rosacea, and flushing with smooth and pleasant treatment. Moveo VL uses the highly effective Nd:YAG laser to target unwanted vascular lesions.

Consultations are required

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